General Information Address

1402 East South Mountain Avenue
Phoenix, AZ 85042
Phone: 602.243.4231
Fax: 602.243.1217

Contact Information

President & CEO
Bill Timmons
Phone: 602.243.4231 x103

Chief Operating Officer, Operations
Kevin Payne
Phone: 602.243.4231 x121

Chief Operating Officer, Programs
Lisa LeComte
Phone: 602.243.4231 x130

Vice President of Marketing & Public Relations
Sierra Kamela
Phone: 602.243.4231 x176

Vice President of Corporate Communications
Nancy Salmon
Phone: 602.243.4231 x602

Director of Human Resources
Ida Alexandrino-Straus
Phone: 602.243.4231 x104
For employment verification fax to: 602-218-3270

Director of Social Services ICF-ID
Jodi Samuel
Phone: 602.243.4231 x180

Hacienda Children's Hospital Admission & Referrals
Jennefer Frost, BSN | Director of Nursing
Phone: 480.579.2400

Hacienda Skilled Nursing Facility Admission & Referrals
McKenzie Gillies | Health Care Liaison
Phone: 602.920.0195

Los Niños Hospital Admission & Referrals
Andrea Rivera | Admit/Discharge Nurse/Case MGR
Phone: 602.954.7311